Doin' Great

by Will Boelts

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released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: Adolescence Incarnate
smoking drugs after school drive your trans am to her house man make it look like you’re studying at night you stay up drinking stuff standing under a flickering streetlight your friends got it good make it bad to spice up this boring ass everyday world straight c’s birds and bees you treat your trash like you treat your girls and i know you think this world has got you pinned against the wall and i know sometimes it’s easier to fall and i know that life is more than just the clothes you wear but i tell you what boy hood dreams will only give you hood nightmares you’re adolescence incarnate mom says clean up your room you don’t know why you’re still there but you know you can’t do anything by yourself your whole life is a game but you cashed in your chips a long time ago and i know that no one ever gives you a break and i know that you’ve been given more than you can take and i know friends and family just don’t seem to ever let up but believe me boy you look like a fool when you go acting tough
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Be Resuscitated
when my heart is weak and my brain is dumb the last thing i want for when i’m turning numb is someone leaning over me and pushing my chest because i’d rather be dead so just give it a rest cuz i don’t wanna be resuscitated i just wanna go in peace i don’t wanna be resuscitated i just wanna feel that sweet release if i gotta die i wanna make it fast there ain’t no use in trying to make it last so when i keel over do what i said and leave me there leave me dead i don’t want know feeding tube i just wanna spend some time with you i don’t want no breathing machine i just want some mouth to mouth if you know what i mean i don’t want no iv pole if you’re gonna take my body please take my soul i don’t want more medication i just wanna be heard on the radio station
Track Name: Beautiful Cyborg
she’s synthetic but she’s got me at a rolling boil i’m pathetic i either take her love or i’m gonna spoil i wanna be just her and me they put you here so i wouldn’t have to die alone and now you’re near and i’ll never be on my own i wanna be with my beautiful cyborg stranded on this planet yeah i’m quarantined in this galaxy with nothing but my lonely thoughts it’s good to have you next to me they’re going away and i think there’s something you should know if i choose to stay promise me you’ll never go don’t take her please my beautiful cyborg
Track Name: Ferrets
when you were young you were forced to take sides and further cementing you’re a really nice guy you fought them both off in equal amounts put them back in their place without even a shout didn’t think you meant it when you said you wouldn’t be missed but some folks have children and some folks just piss frustration and distrust met with cold reprimands put it back where you found it and just shake the hand like ferrets in a cage that exist to make more snuff out your dreams then run back to the store share a house not a home christmas was never vacation whiskers always in tune to each other’s bad vibrations cuz you’re a kid and it’s hard to understand why parents say they love you then they show you the back of their hand and you feel like you’re good enough for nothing so get the hell outta there as soon as you can and show them that you’re something deep seated tendencies begin to be exposed it’s no wonder you’re angry you’re on fire you’re cold related only by blood and dna not dhs worthy but no son of mine is gay deadbeat adults argue outside your door your friends are busy with friends your friends are the floor
Track Name: Boring
if you feel like this single stuff just ain’t for you well i’m there too and you know that when you settle down that it’s for good you know i could and you realize what’s behind his eyes and you see it’s more than just for thrills go in for the kill because i wanna get boring with you down to brass tacks hatchbacks exlax and heart attacks down to church on sundays work on mondays rings on our fingers if you believe that all the fun is gone when you go steady and you’re not ready i’ll understand until you hit a brick wall and fall and it all sinks in
Track Name: I Don't Care What You Do
what on god’s green earth makes you treat me like that you got the looks of someone trying not to laugh because i’m really not that hard to please if i am what you want than i'll want what i’ll be so please i don’t care what you do i’ll hold your hair while you puke you’ve no idea what i'd do for you you’ve no idea what you do to me sometimes someone comes around and you know that it’s real and if it’s not than what do i feel you know life is fragile and love is true and if it’s not then what am i in with you
Track Name: In The Flesh
in the flesh i will see you again but when will you be by my side every so often isn’t nearly enough to kindle the flames of this foreign new love so cancel your classes start making the passes in the flesh i will hold your hand in the void we talked all of the time online but that ain’t enough now words on a screen aren’t nearly the stuff to kindle the flames of this foreign new love so cancel your plans because you know where i stand in the flesh i will hold your hand
Track Name: It's Not Catastrophic
sometimes i feel i’m carrying the burden of six billion women and children all inside my head my reel to reels start spinning yeah i’m spinning in the mud one track off course and then i’m lost again lying in a pool of my own blood but girl life just really ain’t that complex we’re all accomplices and rejects it’s just something you have to accept baby it’s not catastrophic it’ll never be catastrophic nothing you do or say or think or feel it never will it’ll never be catastrophic it seems that what I’m afraid of lies just below the surface uneasy vibes turn into full blown events mark the date here it is i’m out of my mind unable to be helped a sudden realization or a thought bent out of shape makes it hard for us to focus panic ensues we got those fear stricken catatonic blues
Track Name: Struggle
getting pushed down before it even begins feeling guilty because i’m living in sin taking heartbreak over nothing at all this bottomfeeder life is like a punch to the jaw bad things come just when it starts to look good and sometimes life shits on you more than it should and though it ain’t fun to have more than you can juggle you know that you’d be bored without a struggle feeling downright down for the count just take these things away i’ll pay you any amount standing back up always happens so slow and once you get there there’s no place to go