Crazy Girl Rock House

by Will Boelts

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recorded entirely on a four track cassette


released July 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: Crazy Girl Rock House
love is the best thing in the world but it's the only thing that's ever made me want to kill myself completely out of sight but never is she out of mind my thoughts are left to ferment in this dirty basement if i could only find a loophole some kind of strange gate to the arms race of your love but it's only crazy girl rock house and i'm feeling so so alone today
Track Name: Shake
shake what society gave ya baby
Track Name: Married Woman
i’m so in love with a married woman and every time i hear her voice i simply melt and think of everything that we could ever be but clearly there’s a problem ‘cause you’re married and you’re like twenty years my senior i’ll devote my life to providing for your children and for your beautiful face i’d die but clearly there’s a problem and i know that i’m the jealous type it’s just i’ve never been so sure in my whole damn life of this
Track Name: Town Mating
it’s the most wonderful time of the year when families get together and our neighbors help each other and our problems are set aside for this very special time we’re having a town mating and everyone’s feeling fine when it’s over we will laugh and we will cheer and we will be in good health until about this time next year what a privilege what a blessing what progress has been made towards the welfare of the community we all sing we’re having a town mating mine and everyone’s feeling fine we’re having a town mating mine is yours yours is mine
Track Name: Mothra
on painted wings you soar through the sky beautiful enough to bring a tear to my eye mothra mothra i’d like to ride atop your back as you fly through the city and you make your attack the citizens don’t stand a chance your poison gas and your moth romance
Track Name: Sarah Nerve Gas
kinda nervous to hogtie my future so sarah seducer help me lose or i will live on in apathy as one hot tear rolls down my face i pray for flawless gray and see the sunlight through the dmt parade of consciousness receding sarah nerve gas i wanna breathe you in from every pore sarah nerve gas until my body merges with the floor savage extortion trains the young folks to expect the same from lovers and their mistresses in corridors both real and in their head chase their own tails breathe the same air that we’re breathing toxic fumigated brainstems soon collapse like old accordions and consciousness recedes so slowly sarah nerve gas i wanna breathe you in from every pore sarah nerve gas until my body merges with the floor
Track Name: Right When It's Over
bet he’s enjoying you right now well who wouldn’t it kills me how you feel like talking to me now and i feel like laying on the ground and you feel like being nice to me and i wish you wouldn’t be so i could be in a nearly constant state of apologizing ‘cause with you it feels so easy with you i feel so sorry all the time all that i need to hear can only be said to him right now and i’m so sorry for asking but are you gonna be there right when it’s over you know as well as i do there’s something here at least i hope so life moves so slow when you’re gone
Track Name: Funny To Me
on earth just as it is in hell i see no reason to assault the pretty dioramas that make up our coping mechanisms like i said i know my way around to know which roads not to walk down but still it makes me laugh every time you give me some sort of guidance it’s like your mind’s own insurance don’t you know we don’t take advice i shouldn’t have to tell you twice that everything is just kinda funny to me and i’m trying to keep my face straight everyone takes life so seriously and it’s a bummer to be around no man would fight a man who doesn’t throw a punch who just sits there with a smile sits and laughs you might as well start crossing the street on your back for how safe you think that you are all the time
Track Name: Heart In Labor
like i said i'm just so happy for you two but i hope he don't make it home when he’s driving home to you it's just so disappointing done trying to chase her my heart is in labor done trying to chase her now because my heart is in labor i must be pretty dumb to be trying to take the taken thought i heard you say my name but i must be mistaken
Track Name: Shag Carpet Of Moths
i wish i could be so holy at least just while i sleep so cover me with weeping willow trees and wear your best the only cushion meant for me is a living breathing entity i race downstairs and lay face down spread eagled on this shag carpet of moths