You Can Roller Skate To This Album

by Will Boelts

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Grab your skates and that special someone and have a blast while this album provides the necessary vibes.


released August 16, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Boelts.
Album cover by Evan Fairbanks, aka



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: And Then I Remember
i know everything about you years have past can’t live without you but recently i must admit i fell into a void i’ve forgotten why i love you so i hear you say something sweetly and then i remember you know everything about me memory is cracked and peeling recently it’s plain to see i’m all fresh out of love i’ve forgotten what to do somehow you look at me sweetly and then i remember
Track Name: Hovering For Your Love
i’ve walked the aisles in your iris i’ve felt the waves inside your head i hear a voice call from the silence unfit to sleep alone in bed i live and breathe for you i go to sleep for you i’ve sprouted wings for you i’ll slay the beasts for you inside your head inside your life up in the sky inside your dreams hovering for your love i’ve won the battles in your honor flew back to tuck you into bed i’ve closed your monolithic eyelids whispered my love into your head i’ll keep you close when dreams are nightmares nightmares will be the best dreams you’ve had
Track Name: Convenience Stores Coast To Coast
i love driving and i love seeing the really special places the cracks in the ceiling of a dirty bathroom on a long stretch of road three dollars in quarters and no desire to find a home now a lot of people just pass them by take them for granted and turn a blind eye to the roadside buildings that'll save your ass give you a snack for the ride and a full tank of gas convenience stores coast to coast the halfway house for bleary eyed ghosts just take a look in the scratched up mirror see the lines in your face becoming clearer convenience stores coast to coast broken stall doors and dirty black coats the best place in the world to catch up with your mind watching the hood of your car with the back of your neck to the sunlight it's hard to say why i'm drawn to them so i guess it's just 'cause i really don't know who i'm gonna be or where i'm gonna go but they'll always be there to help me along the road convenience stores coast to coast some are real clean and some are just gross buy that five dollar dream catcher or a pack of cigarettes save your sadness for airports and to hell with your regrets convenience stores coast to coast full of the people that i like the most guys with the looks of someone who's never settled down parents with kids in the back just passing through town you can learn a lot about yourself by pausing your life take a sip of your coffee and click on them headlights everyone in this world has got their own problems here's to the fine establishments that witness just about all of them
Track Name: To The Gills
up at 12 like i'm 17 42 long years of debauchery took a few and burnt one down got in my car and drove downtown what is life if not for pleasure i always thought i knew the answer but why am i so unsatisfied fighting fleeing feeding fornicating help me help me i’m full to the gills same old bar every single night same old friends same flashing lights different girl but the same good time same old world on the same old high i used to think i had the answer what is life if not for pleasure why am i still unsatisfied fighting fleeing feeding fornicating help me help me i’m full to the gills
Track Name: Elwood
elwood guardian of the trees standing so tall elwood ostracized from the rest caring for all he’d trample and toss all those who hunt or log inside his sacred home elwood beacon of hope in the dark still as a stone elwood protector of beautiful things chastised by his own elwood tallest gnome send the wicked home elwood biggest heart please never depart
Track Name: Running From The Police
i remember the summer with my friends we were dumb enough to never think it would end we would drive around and get drunk steal stuff we could probably afford but it never mattered ‘cause we always got away we would start fires and shoot guns just four guys making their own fun it never mattered ‘cause we always got away nowhere else that i’d rather be another night with the boys running from the police i remember staring into the sky feeling so relieved by how many others have died it’d never happen to us ‘cause we choose our own fate my buddy passed me a bottle and hollered “shut up and drink” we would crash cars and drive away throw eggs at houses and spray paint it never mattered ‘cause we always got away we would fight each other curse them away laugh with each other yeah we’d laugh all day it never mattered ‘cause we always got away with no one else i’d rather be another night with the boys running from the police
Track Name: The Wash
my baby’s got her eye on the water after being in the sun all day her skin tells her not to go further but her brain wants to wash away garden dew black lagoon seven seas washing machine we’ll feel the water flow we’ll let the raindrops hit our hands we’ll swim where we can’t see deep in the holy water of the ganges we’ll kiss the salty air we’ll let the ocean break our skin all just to become clean just to join the wash in a dead sea my baby likes to swim in the summer when the moon rises from the deep she shivers as the waves embrace her and rock her gently off to sleep swimming pool sunken canoe ocean breeze washing machine
Track Name: Withering
i watched him walk you home from school i feel like i’ve been made a fool he’s got the charm i never had and you’ve got to know it makes me sad but if you’re happy i guess i am too i’ll wear a smile but just know that in the meantime i’ll be withering inside like the flowers that you hide underneath your mattress in the meantime i’ll be withering just like the dry grass the fills our lawns in autumn sleepy hollow in our hearts i thought we would go to the dance but i guess i’m not your only man i get this feeling deep inside it always makes me wanna cry i could just end it here get up and walk away but my lips don’t move when i think of what to say
Track Name: She's So Spooky
she’s got leather boots and her hair hangs at her sides all dressed in black you don’t know what she hides people say she’s wicked and she’ll cast a hex on you but you’d like to trust her ‘cause her eyes are the deepest blue you’d better stay away from her be careful what you say to her she’s got a thin black cat that follows wherever she goes and her house is haunted if you listen you can hear the ghosts she’s got an evil laugh that sends shivers down your spine and you’d better beware when she’s kneeling at her shrine you’d better stay away from her be careful what you say to her she’s so spooky she’s got long sharp nails and jewelry of precious stones her skin is pale and her necklace is made of bones she keeps a short sharp stick tucked inside her cloak so don’t look her way or you’ll go up in smoke you’d better stay away from her be careful what you say to her she makes a potion from everything that she finds her garden is full of things both dead and alive if you walk by her house walk fast and keep looking straight because she’ll do you in if you look through that gate
Track Name: Leave Your World
we traded frustrations fed up and tired enough to go i braced for the impact and felt our plans go up in smoke all color stripped i lost my grip i have no warm i have no soft i wasn’t ready to leave your world the aura about you the hollow hand that i hold now provided a shelter unknown to me ‘til it gave out the purple is gray now i only walk when it’s late out you gave me such a calmness i quickly lost amidst all this