Convenience Stores Coast To Coast

by Will Boelts

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released July 21, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Jim Stern at Earful Recording



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: Mr. Relaxed Fit
so divided like 2 links in a chain we live our separate lives under the same damn roof it’s not a matter of who gets the doghouse it’s a matter of who gets there first i seen you been wearing the heels that you wore last time we danced at your sister’s wedding where you mostly just sat and smoked and i’ll be the first to admit that we’ve surely grown apart but every night dear i beg and i plead and then you walk right back to mr. relaxed fit like a cancer that’s been growing in my lungs i can’t pretend it don’t scare me to death just to see the way my baby walks when she’s walking out of my house i seen you been wearing that dress that i bought you myself after i spilled something on your old one and you smacked me right in the teeth and i’ll be the first to admit that we’ve surely grown apart but every night dear i beg and i plead and then you walk right back to mr. relaxed fit
Track Name: Shampoo
and you know she feels so brand new and you know she smells like shampoo
Track Name: Convenience Stores Coast To Coast
i love driving and i love seeing the really special places the cracks in the ceiling of a dirty bathroom on a long stretch of road three dollars in quarters and no desire to find a home now a lot of people just pass them by take them for granted and turn a blind eye to the roadside buildings that'll save your ass give you a beer for the ride and a full tank of gas convenience stores coast to coast the halfway house for bleary eyed ghosts just take a look in the scratched up mirror see the lines in your face becoming clearer convenience stores coast to coast broken stall doors and dirty black coats the best place in the world to catch up with your mind watching the hood of your car with your back to the sunlight it's hard to say why i'm drawn to them so i guess it's just 'cause i really don't know who i'm gonna be or where i'm gonna go but they'll always be there to help me along the road convenience stores coast to coast some are real clean and some are just gross buy that five dollar dream catcher or a pack of cigarettes save your sadness for airports and to hell with your regrets convenience stores coast to coast full of the people who i like the most guys with the looks of someone who's never settled down parents with kids in the back just passing through town you can learn a lot about yourself by pausing your life take a sip of your coffee and click on them headlights everyone in this world has got their own problems here's to the fine establishments that witness just about all of them
Track Name: To Know
i wish i knew you so well you’d wish you didn’t know me at all i wish you knew me so well i could let you steer oh to know what you’re thinking oh to know what i’m doing i wish i could hear what you say when i leave the room but it’s probably better this way i wish i could see what you do when you leave the room oh just show me
Track Name: Missed Connections
we met at a party and we talked for a real long time you had black hair but you said that you dyed it in the sink i know it’s a longshot but i don’t know what else to do i’ll just keep searching through the missed connections i hope you will too you came into the restaurant where i work you said you liked my smile and i thought you were sweet
Track Name: The Big Trucks Run At Night
darling what’d i tell you about those men they’re evil deep inside trying to find a girl they know is dumb enough to try i know you can hear me don’t you ever turn your back on me again if you walk out that door right now i swear to god don’t you dare stay out past 12 the big trucks run at night darling what’d i tell you about those men there’s something in their eyes something that i’ve seen before something that ain’t right
Track Name: Real
maybe if i never wake up i’ll join you there on that distant planet where you must live how am i supposed to move along when i just lost my true love everyday she dies by my alarm clock surely her face is real i love her to pieces surely her hands are real i love her to pieces surely her skin is real i love her to pieces surely she must be real i love her to pieces why do i dwell on these things that only get worse everywhere i go there’s beautiful people but there’s something about these ones something that i can’t place it’s more than personality it’s more than pretty eyes tongue tied i ain’t living wasting time i’m just waiting for my dream to come true find the girl find a witness find a way to prove me wrong find a way to prove that she must exist
Track Name: Liquor
you know it ain't easy on me when i see you put yourself in a state that i'm never in like a little piece of suicide like throwing away the box to a game that you never win i know it's hard yeah it kills don't it to be scarred with no way to show it let me be your liquor and calm you down at the end of the day let me make it quicker to feel relaxed and to not be afraid let me be your liquor to numb all the sadness and kill all the pain but know i'll make you sicker until you run screaming out of the house about some little thing i know it can't be easy on you to think i'm disappointed when you're so fed up with the world but honey let me tell you dear i ain't that kinda guy but you ain't that kinda girl
Track Name: Sun, Rain, And Rust
last night at 11 i heard a siren and a southern drawl saying all that there is and all there will be is just sun rain and rust a message meant for all sent to one a figure on the doorstep sent to one and i wouldn’t doubt it it makes so much sense to me now and my heart is pounding and my heart is pounding mark came to me in a vision in that halfway point between being awake and being asleep he told me all that stands the test of time is sun rain and rust
Track Name: I Still Wanna Be Alive
today i had the strangest realization i still wanna live long enough to be introduced to someone’s family i still wanna be alive with you i still wanna have some time to do the things i actually wanna do i still wanna be alive with you it took a real long time to realize that i don’t wanna go davis said he saw a darkness in me and now i think i know what he meant it ain’t hard to see the look of wanting to be anywhere but here