Another Flying Dream

by Will Boelts

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released June 24, 2016

Illustration from IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Susan Meddaugh. Illustration copyright (c) 1990 by Susan Meddaugh. Reprinted by permission of Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Gabe Gedlinske and Caleb Vander Wiel whistled on "Sufficiently".

Everything was written and recorded by Will Boelts on a four track cassette.



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: Someone's Here For You...
you hear the baying of hounds outside you see the way they look at you knowing all you hide too old for it to be tragic a blameless act of time a knocking at your doorstep one day you’ll find your mother will float to the door and call “darling, someone’s here for you”
Track Name: Espejo Especial
take a look inside my special mirror can you see what i see so clear when you look inside my special mirror do you feel the love i have for you dear
Track Name: Glistening Eyes
driving home late at night she said “i had a really nice time but please take me home now” he said “i had a great time too but there’s still somewhere we should go now you don’t have to face me long as i can see your glistening eyes” the liquid tombs of 6 pale strangers find their way into the papers he thought they’d never a phantom fear leaves tangible traces as hollow looks fill the citizens faces they still remember the frozen fear inside their glistening eyes walking home late at night he spies a girl along the outskirts but it’s been so long breathless advances down the sidewalk she says “i've got no time to talk” he says “that's fine long as i can see your glistening eyes”
Track Name: Sufficiently
he used to rather pining for the way feeling dead to live without standing in the kitchen even walking in the park he wishes that he was sufficiently he knows he’d never he swore never again but the need is creeping in lying in the basement even sitting in the hall he wishes that he was sufficiently
Track Name: Living Decor
headless pincered soldiers line the fields and fill the catacombs spiny species leave their exoskeletons on my doorstep daily in this sea of suffering the home is a reef slither slide and guide the reaper mount the bones of nonbelievers see antenna protrude those eyes without a soul to fight to the death and leave a layer of living decor
Track Name: Nobody
one day my heart will just stop beating from all the things that i feel and all the things that i don’t every time that i let ‘em down there’s a part of me that cares and a part of me that don’t at all when i finally feel that i’m myself it’s just a matter of time before i’m gone again lying in the aphid bit leaves of fall’s forgiving sigh drowning deep inside my mind shipwrecked on the sandbar of your pretty eyes but numb to it all so meet me at the corner of charles and manson i’m nobody tonight someday my soul will be extinguished or if it’s not i guess i’ll stay where i fell every time i think i’ve got it down there’s this burning in my chest telling me to mess it up when i finally feel like someone else i just remind myself that i’m i’m nobody
Track Name: Dance Of The Somnambulists
peeling blankets from their from their damp flesh they emerge from rooms still unlit fumble forward towards the music drifting louder from the phonograph all the neighbors emerge from their cottages joining hands in this ghastly pilgrimage glassy eyed controlled by the droning congregating in the ballroom they pause at last their eyes are cast down the lamps are lit and the noise starts to swell and the ritual begins
Track Name: Anesthesia
fuzzy gray cushions pronounce me captive and place me in their sweetest smelling cell big muffled voices undo my laces the laces holding all my organs in sailing in the saline sailing smiling gone fishing for the flaws inside my form feathers soaked in bleach line the chasms and candy coats the rings inside the lightbulbs did you guys make a bet or something fuming floating freely in viscous fluid swallowing but never quite ingesting ice it longs to melt inside my cracked throat and ease the ache of foreign inhabitants drifting inching closer to dying breathing slows and heart it nears a halt heaven i can hear the angels calling hell i feel warm upon my heels the shutters are flung open and life brushes a lusting hand from death’s elusive shirted bra strap
Track Name: Your Hair
i wanna see you from every angle i wanna live inside your perfumed strands see you dance until it starts to tangle tangling in your hands oh baby baby oh your hair i wanna see you brush the knots for hours smell the chemicals in the air falling asleep in flowers drowning in your hair oh baby baby oh your hair
Track Name: Virgin Mary Blues
black i'd cut ties with you if i could red red is the only thing that i can stand you and your room of colored photos your blankets and your pillows i hope you know i’ll try to change now for you i would paint my world virgin mary blues i would paint my life the perfect hue i’ll be so true only to you black my love for you deep and strange red is the savior’s blood at least so you said you dance like a jewelry box figurine and you cry just like a child i hope you know i’ll try to change now