Star 1330

by Will Boelts

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released June 30, 2014

Mastered by Landon Strause



all rights reserved


Will Boelts Cedar Falls, Iowa

home-recorder from cedar falls, iowa.

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Track Name: One Track Mind
when we first met you were flashing your brights now you’re closing your eyes so tight you see lights i just can’t help the way i feel when he’s next to you i feel so sick i feel so sad babe this just won’t do you tell me i’m a loser and i’d have to agree ‘cause i’m in love with someone who’s been taken from me taking glances out the window just to see if you’re there trying to find a way to show you how much i care this silent film has been keeping me awake knowing how much you love him how much is at stake i could try to turn around i could try to move on but last night on the station they were playing our song things are getting worse it ain’t hard to see she dyed her hair red and she wouldn’t talk to me maybe it’s time i put this love on the shelf ‘cause when i think about you i hate myself stale words still taste fresh on your tongue you were the highlight of my night when my day was done you explicitly stated you’d spend the rest of your life with me but now it’s too late and you’ve up and moved on the memories are there but the feeling’s long gone i can’t believe i’ve still got a thing for you
Track Name: Here Come The Lights
cold dark winter seems like every day there’s something else trying to keep me down below the surface smooth sweet summer isn’t it enough to just be alive riding this slow plane down into the ocean every time every seasonal change it always feels so long here come the lights they can be blinding when your soul is used to the blackness of this earth when you feel like there’s no way to feel right look to your friends if it seems like your friends have all gone home then just pretend pop some vitamin d pray for your soul and carry on you’ll be better once the monotone grayscale dreary days are gone
Track Name: All I Want Is You
maybe maybe i’ll get used to feeling like i used to before i met you and maybe maybe it’s your shoe size the look you got in your eyes the truth behind all your lies but somehow somehow it seems likely that you will haunt me nightly i’ll leave the porch light on pictures of you on the walls have all fell down now reflections in the mirror only of myself now the doctor said see someone else it’s for my health but how passing glances lonely dances can’t get worse now i talk of second chances though i never had a first now i guess i should be happy i can see who i want but how when all i want is you maybe maybe you want your coat back i keep it on the coat rack i didn’t want you to know that
Track Name: A Shoulder To Cry On
he’s got no plans he just floats around you iron his shirts and you don’t make a sound stumble in drunk smelling of them american dreams scrubbing what’s left and all that you need is a shoulder to cry on that’d be alright and if he ever does that again cigarette butts making a trail his second home the county jail changed his ways then he changed his mind and all of your worries are bottled up inside you’re afraid but you’re afraid of being alone and all that you need is a shoulder to cry on walks in late cancels plans gotta work late she’ll understand the love is gone well of course it is she makes him supper she hopes that he chokes he sits in his armchair buying diamond rings out of smoke and if he ever does that again
Track Name: Plastic Bouquet
i’ve got no words for you just some dumb television scenes and a dollar or two so why don’t i make this worth your while with a plastic bouquet and a walk down the aisle maybe if it’s cool with your parents i will show them i’m not embarrassed to be in love to need your light i’ve got no money for you just the shirt on my back and a car built for two we can take it easy and drive all day with your hand in my hand and your eye on the plastic bouquet maybe in this mobile home paris i’ll show the world that i’m not embarrassed
Track Name: Shut Me Down
what’s the matter man have you got something to say i shake my head and tell her no but that’s okay she makes a face like i must be fooling around and breaks my heart in a second not making a sound i understand that you feel cool all by yourself but every time i see you you’re with someone else you’re the kind of girl with boyfriends from different towns and every time i come around you shut me down
Track Name: Any Other Day
i’ve sworn off living and i’ve sworn off dying if someone says they like it here i’d say they’re lying ‘cause we’re all more emotional than we’d like to admit with our minds full of bodies and our bodies full of shit any other day i’d say that i’m fine quit wasting my time but today ain’t the same i’m done with all this a swing and a miss
Track Name: Full Sun
up at five i stumble out of bed stub my toes and step outside there’s nobody around but the night shift drive homes trying not to die dilated eyes see lands to take promises made to break tonight got me feeling like a bird of prey i pray i don’t get carried away with what’s in sight when the full sun hits blood begins to warm when the full sun hits i reveal my true form nothing left but the beast i was last year i get fed up with the revelry inspired by the sanctity of primal fear i’m not ready to fight but i’m made to attack when the uv rays get to clawing at my back and i feel like a martian on a strange new land with a grin on his face and a map in his hand one eye on the moon one fixed to the sun blood on the brain with everywhere to run desire in my veins for water and light and a feeling in my bones i ain’t sleeping tonight
Track Name: Trust
can i trust you with my life can i trust you with your own can i trust that when you say that you’re home alone you’re home alone is it even worth the effort to try to trust someone at all when secrets seem much safer scratched with pennies late at night inside a bathroom stall can i trust you now now that we’ve been through everything can i trust you now now that you know everything you gotta have trust somehow even if it means you gotta get down on your knees can i trust you now now that you’re my everything i have waited for you to say it for so long now i see it what i’ve been missing it’s all over now